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Barry Richardson Injury Leaves Kansas City Chiefs Vulnerable At Tackle

The Chiefs need some help along the offensive line if Richardson's injury is anything substantive.

The Kansas City Chiefs were already a bit suspect at offensive tackle. Now fans should expect some kind of move for help along the offensive line if Barry Richardson's injury from last night proves to be anything of significance.

The Chiefs were rumored to search for O-line help even as far back as the NFL Draft with many draft projections for the Chiefs' first round choice going toward Gabe Carimi, the Wisconsin tackle that eventually landed with the Chicago Bears. Just days ago, the Chiefs already placed right tackle Ryan O'Callaghan on injured reserve, losing their former starter for the entire season. Now that Richardson is out with an undisclosed injury from the Packers game last night, the Chiefs are without both players who manned the right tackle position in 2010.

The Chiefs did land Jared Gaither this offseason from the Baltimore Ravens the potential is enormous for a player of his size and strength. But health has also been a concern with a back injury keeping him out for the entire 2010 season. Now that he's back, he's still finding his way into game shape and strength, so he cannot be counted on for the long-term. He's also not suited for the right side. That's also true of incumbent left tackle Branden Albert.

Simply put, the Chiefs don't have a decent right tackle option at this point and that's a major issue for a team that needs to create running room for the league's best rushing attack. The Chiefs are predicated on the running attack and everything revolves around their ability to run. Hence the reason they signed Le'Ron McClain and Anthony Becht among others. To not have a decent option at right tackle could become a major concern.

Richardson's injury might not be anything major, but if it's going to possibly keep him out for any time at all, the Chiefs should strike in the midst of the roster releases that are coming to find a player who can immediately step in and help. Some players with potential might already be around -- David Mims, Mike Ingersoll -- but they're certainly not ready for the NFL level just yet.