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NFL Roster Cuts 2011: Expect Keary Colbert To Make Kansas City Chiefs Final Roster

Last year he was a coach for USC. Earlier this summer, he signed with a UFL franchise. But Keary Colbert has nearly made the successful transition to NFL player once again with his preseason performance with the Kansas City Chiefs. Thus far, the veteran receiver has been the pleasant surprise among the Chiefs wide receivers.

The story started with a video sent to Todd Haley and Scott Pioli from Colbert’s agent hoping to get him a tryout. The story is that the Chiefs couldn’t believe what they were seeing. He’s also a guy that Todd Haley said the Chiefs have liked for some time.

“We’ve danced around with Keary Colbert a number of times here in the last few years,” Haley said at a press conference earlier this preseason. “He’s a guy that’s an interesting story that was out of football, but coaching the guy, he’s a guy we really liked when he was coming out. He’s a smart inside potential receiver, which we don’t have a ton on campus. He looks like he has a chance to come in and compete.”

Colbert has been sharp in practices and games thus far and looks like he’s worked hard to get in top physical shape. He’s also been around the block before, so he’s the kind of strong veteran mindset that Haley appreciates — a Thomas Jones type, if you will.

This is bad news, of course, for other younger players trying to make the roster. The Chiefs imported several receivers this offseason to place alongside Dwayne Bowe on the roster in the hopes of giving Matt Cassel the tools he needs to succeed. Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin are locks to make the team. Dexter McCluster is also around. That’s five receivers already.

That leaves maybe two spots left for several players. Jerheme Urban has played with the first team much of the 2011 preseason, so he should be a shoe-in. Terrance Copper has long been a veteran favorite, and Verran Tucker is also a strong option. One of those guys should receive a pink slip, however. The others are simply detritus at this point: Zeke Markshausen, Jeremy Horne.