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NFL Power Rankings, Week Three: Chiefs Worst Team In NFL

Familiar names are at the top, but the Chiefs are now officially listed as the NFL's worst team.

CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 18:  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers sets to pass against the Carolina Panthers September 18, 2011 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 18: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers sets to pass against the Carolina Panthers September 18, 2011 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
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Another week is in the books for the 2011 NFL season and things are predictable at the top. The Packers, Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Eagles and Falcons are all teams that most would have predicted to be in the top 10 of a set of NFL Power Rankings. And that's exactly what you have here, our week three predictions. You can also check out SB Nation's Week 3 NFL Power Rankings. There's lots to get to, so here's our latest set.

NFL Power Rankings (Week Three):
1. Green Bay Packers -
The defending champs played it too close against the Panthers, but the Packers still deserve the top overall ranking.

2. New England Patriots - Tom Brady is alone in the top tier of elite NFL quarterbacks and that, in the NFL, covers a multitude of sins -- not that the Patriots even have that many.

3. New York Jets - Rex Ryan's boys looked better after week one and a strong defensive effort shows the true character of this team. Mangold injury, however, could hurt team more than you'd think.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - As Vick goes, so will the Eagles. But when he suits up, the Eagles are still among the top teams competing for a Super Bowl spot.

5. Atlanta Falcons - Beautiful performance by Matt Ryan and company against Eagles on primetime TV. The kind of win that could define a season.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers - Nice statement, but even better is Mike Tomlin's acknowledgement that he's still thinking about week one even after the victory this week. Steelers will return to prominence.

7. Baltimore Ravens - Some call it an emotional letdown, but there's no excuse for the performance against the Titans. Still too many question marks to believe they're ready to go all the way.

8. New Orleans Saints - The week one loss to the Packers threw everyone off their scent, but don't be surprised if New Orleans represents NFC in another Super Bowl.

9. San Diego Chargers - Rivers to Jackson is the new Manning to Harrison. The most beautiful QB/WR partnership in all of football.

10. Buffalo Bills - The grit displayed in that fourth quarter against the Raiders erased any doubts that the Bills are ready to be a competitive football team.

11. Detroit Lions - It's hard to completely jump on the bandwagon yet, but Sunday's game was impressive no matter who they played.

12. Houston Texans - Colts and Dolphins. Even at 2-0, call us when there's a meaningful game on the Texans schedule.

13. Chicago Bears - An iffy offensive line loses more with Gabe Carimi's injury, and the Bears, by season's end, will be a middling team.

14. Dallas Cowboys - America's Team needed a bit too much inspiration to beat the Niners. Expectations are simply too high for a team that's riding on their profile rather than talent.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Hats off to Josh Freeman for the best performance in one half of football this season. Inspiring comeback that showed true character of this team.

16. Washington Redskins - Hats off to the Redskins for their solid start. Better competition awaits, but Shanahan should be quite happy with the early season results.

17. New York Giants - The Rams made the Giants look better than they really are. Hard to figure out the G-Men at this point.

18. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford hasn't lost his touch. The schedule's just that much more difficult and the injuries have piled up. This is what the Chiefs should look like.

19. Oakland Raiders - Even with the loss, Jason Campbell looks good with Hue Jackson at the helm. But how did that defensive line not manhandle the Bills o-line?

20. Tennessee Titans - Great underrated core of players here and a veteran with miles left on him. Munchak has a sleeper here.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Andy Dalton looks like the real deal. Mike Brown still does not look good.

22. Arizona Cardinals - Did the Redskins make Kevin Kolb look solid or is he really the answer? No one knows yet, even the Cardinals.

23. Indianapolis Colts - They looked horrible for yet another week, but Collins deserves another couple weeks to learn the system.

24. San Francisco 49ers - Colin Kaepernick needs to hurry up and get ready because Alex Smith is just not the answer.

25. Denver Broncos - If Tebow nation can shut up, the Broncos might just do some damage in a weaker division.

26. Cleveland Browns - Colt McCoy made some marvelous throws on Sunday against the Colts. Could show signs of life with easy schedule still ahead.

27. Minnesota Vikings - Bad teams learn how to lose games even when they're winning. That makes the Vikings a bad team.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars - Gene Smith is an excellent GM, but the handling of the David Garrard mess has dirtied everything.

29. Carolina Panthers - There's some spunk here and Newton has a live arm, but the defensive injuries are going to sink this ship before it sails.

30. Seattle Seahawks - Pete Carroll's magical run in the playoffs as a head coach is now over. This team has serious issues on both sides of the ball.

31. Miami Dolphins - Tony Sparano has to be thankful that the Chiefs are taking all of the media's worst team stories away from south Florida.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - We assume a historically poor start means a historically bad team until proven otherwise.