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NFL Winners & Losers, Week Two: Kerry Collins, Carson Palmer and New York Giants Have Seen Better Days

This week's winners and losers includes some surprises, some obvious choices and one team that's finding out what it's really made of.

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Every week brings 16 official winners and 16 official losers in the NFL. But when you peek behind the numbers, you also find that some teams lose more than just a game and that others can find a silver lining despite the boxscore displayed from Sunday's performance. Here we present our biggest losers and winners from Sunday's action in the NFL.

Biggest Winners
1. New England Patriots -
Yeah, yeah, the Pats could appear on every Winners list, you say. But this great offense and elite quarterback continue to look better every week and the Chargers have a stronger defense this year than recent units, which only shows how strong Brady & Co. really are. Give the defensive unit time to gel around an entirely new secondary and you could have the makings of the AFC representative in the Super Bowl.

2. Buffalo Bills - Another obvious choice given that Buffalo is 2-0, but even more, Buffalo is learning that they don't have to find their franchise quarterback in the upcoming draft and that their defensive line isn't so bad after all. The Chiefs have a average, at best, defensive line, so that first win was a little suspect. But Oakland has a solid team with a defensive front among the best in football. The fact that Fred Jackson ran like he did and Fitzpatrick actually had time shows the Bills they're better than anyone could believe and those key elements aren't the great needs everyone thought.

3. New Orleans Saints -
The 0-1 record from the opening Packers loss threw some people off of this team, but Sean Peyton's team has reloaded itself well for 2011 and might be my favorite team to win the NFC (yes, even with the Packers). The Bears learned just how strong the Saints are on all sides and with so many new players, this team is only going to get better with each week that chemistry develops.

Biggest Losers
1. Kerry Collins
- A fine career that deserves to be celebrated is instead maligned at the end of it all with his decision to take over the Colts in what is likely his final season. Collins has been a solid starter for longer than most players even dream of playing and it's a shame that the shadow cast from trying to fill Peyton's shoes will linger over Collins' legacy.

2. Carson Palmer - If Andy Dalton can go into Mile High for the first time and look good, even in a losing effort, after winning an opening week against the Browns that most had already given him a waiver for, well, Carson, you're clearly not needed anymore. And what was needed most for Palmer was for Dalton to flounder and fans to revolt. Instead, there's a new hero in town and Palmer will soon be forgotten goods.

3. New York Giants - Wow, they look bad even when they win. So many injuries to the defense in the preseason took their toll, and the drama of Osi Umenyiora certainly distracted as well. In such a major market, everything is blown up, so from Plaxico's complaints to the Jets dominance, life is not good for the Giants. They need to find some heroes and quickly and Tom Coughlin might have his toughest coaching job ahead of him this season.