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Kansas City Chiefs Have Zero First Downs In First Half Against San Diego Chargers

If you thought the first two games were bad offensively for the Kansas City Chiefs, today’s game against the Chargers have taken things to a new low. While the official score at halftime seems closer than it should be, the Chiefs have managed zero first downs in a first half marked by several three-and-outs and plenty of action for punter Dustin Colquitt.

The Chiefs cannot get anything moving against the Chargers defense. Thomas Jones has16 yards on 7 carries for a 2.3 yards per carry average. Matt Cassel is an efficient 5 for 6 but he’s passed for only 14 yards. Yes, things are that bad. The Chiefs have even intercepted Phil Rivers twice with no points to show for it. The defense can only do so much before the offense must make it count.

The good news is that the Chiefs defense has stepped up big time, holding Rivers at several key points and coming up big with the turnovers. This game could be a lot worse than it is.