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San Diego Chargers Defeat Kansas City Chiefs Despite Turnovers, Puzzling Decisions

The San Diego Chargers were trying to give the Kansas City Chiefs their first win today, but the Chiefs offense refused to accept such a gracious offer. Thus, Norv Turner somehow gains a win today despite a sloppy game with poor play calling and multiple turnovers with a 20-17 victory over the Chiefs.

Matt Cassel threw a last second interception as the Chiefs were driving late in the fourth quarter to Eric Weddle that sealed the win for the Chargers who were on their heels as the Chiefs came alive offensively in the second half — at least compared to what they’d done before. The first half had the Chiefs looking worse than they had offensively all season, a difficult task given their performance so far this year. But the Chiefs had zero first downs in the first half of today’s game and every position looked pathetic.

That said, the game was still close at halftime due to a tremendous effort today by a Chiefs defense that also lost Brandon Flowers and Travis Daniels for a time due to injury. The Chiefs stepped up big time on several key plays and that’s a good sign that the defense could keep the Chiefs in games this season if the offense can find a rhythm.

During the fourth quarter, Turner had a short fourth down and decided to go for it rather than punt and pin KC deep with no timeouts left. Rivers also snapped the ball with way too much time on the play clock, giving Kansas City a real chance to go for the tie or win. If the Chargers would have lost, fans would have been scrambling for reasons why and possibly for Turner’s head. This game was just that bad for the Chargers.

That said, the Chargers now move to 2-1 on the season and the Chiefs fall to 0-3.