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Chiefs-Chargers Recap: Matt Cassel Responds To Loss And Final Interception To Eric Weddle

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel had some predictable words for reporters in his post-game comments after today’s 20-17 road loss to the San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs looked anemic in the first half, managing zero first downs, and only came alive just enough to lose a close game that was handed to them on a silver platter by Phil Rivers and Norv Turner. Instead, KC is still 0-3 and have almost a zero chance of making the NFL playoffs.

Cassel said this close loss hurt worse than the others, which is rather odd considering the complete beating the Chiefs took from the hands of the Bills and Lions.

“Well, obviously, I would say this one hurts even more than the other two do, because I thought our team battled out there,” said Cassel. "It was a great division game between our rivals, the San Diego Chargers, who did a lot of things good all day.

“As the quarterback of the team, it’s disappointing because you get an opportunity to be in the position that you always want to be in with the two-minute drill and move the team down,” he continued. “We get some momentum going with that first throw and then the interception, that’s obviously all on me. I don’t have many words for that other than the fact that I’m hurting inside and wish I could change it , but that’s how football goes sometimes. We have a lot to build on.”

When specifically asked about the screen pass from Eric Weddle, Cassel said it was a play he thought he could make but that he wishes he had another chance to take it back.

“It was a screen pass, really is what it is, and you try to keep your head downfield and when I swung back around, I thought I could get it in there to Dexter and obviously that’s one I’d like to have back.”

“It’s the highs and lows of football. One minute you feel good and we have a 20 yard gain putting us close to field goal range and a great position and the next play the game is over. It’s a devastating feeling, especially as a quarterback, like I said, when you get that opportunity to go into the two-minute drill and then it doesn’t go the way you want it to go.”