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Peter King Gives 'Goat Of The Week' Award To Chiefs Matt Cassel

Every Monday morning during the football season, Peter King is likely the most read NFL columnist for his thoughts the day after the majority of games are played. The Monday Morning Quarterback is a staple for many but it also has staples of its own and one is its list of weekly people to highlight: offensive players, defensive players, coaches and goat of the week. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Matt Cassel lands in the last category.

King writes about Cassel, “The Chiefs, stunningly, had a shot to win at San Diego late, trailing 20-17 with a minute to play. And Cassel, who’d played his best game since last December up to that point, threw a short pass right into the gut of San Diego safety Eric Weddle. Incredible mistake. Cassel grabbed his head as though he couldn’t believe what he’d just done. Neither could every TV-watcher in great Kansas City.”

Cassel himself knew it was wrong and owned up to it completely in the post-game press conference when he said he thought he could get it in to Dexter McCluster when he turned his head. He also said he’d like to have that one back. It’s those types of decisions that have fans wondering whether Cassel is the long-term answer at QB, but there’s no doubt he will hold the position at least through 2011.