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Adrian Peterson 'Upset' And Likely To Take Out Frustration On Kansas City Chiefs

Nelson Peterson, father of arguably the best running back in the NFL Adrian Peterson, says his son is frustrated. When the Vikings were up by 20 at halftime, the expectation was that the best player is going to be able to do his thing and put the game away against the Detroit Lions. Instead, Peterson had five total carries in the second half and the potent Lions' offense came back to win the game -- the third such time a second half collapse has taken place this season for the 0-3 Vikings.

So when Peterson took the high road this week, his father spoke to reporters for him questioning the game planning and play calling in Minnesota by head coach Leslie Frazier and company. And with such attention given to it and public agreement, you can expect Frazier to cave in a bit and give Peterson more carries to both save any hot seat under him as well as make his best player happy. In addition, it's also the best move.

The Chiefs, then, need to be prepared for a lot of Peterson. If the Vikings leave Arrowhead Stadium with their first win of the season, it will likely be due to a powerful ground game where the Vikings control the clock and force Kansas City to do a lot with a little -- many points on fewer possessions. Given the Chiefs impotence on offense, that's not a bad move.

The front seven are going to be vital this week against Peterson and new addition Kelly Gregg is going to have to have a monster game this week. He's the anchor point in the middle and the linebackers can make their plays if Gregg continually gets some push in the middle and covers his gaps well.

The same can be said of Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. This should be an all-star line with several high draft choices, and the Vikings game could help the Chiefs and the line turn the corner this week.