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NFL Betting Odds: Minnesota Vikings Two-Point Favorites Against Kansas City Chiefs

If it wasn’t for the upcoming Colts-Chiefs match-up, this week’s contest between the Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings could be dubbed the Basement Bowl or, better yet, the Toilet Bowl. It’s definitely not a game most NFL fans will want to watch simply for the fact that two 0-3 teams are facing each other. So who do you choose to bet upon when both teams have yet to show anything in the win column?

Apparently it’s easier to believe the competitive but prone-to-collapsing Vikings team with Adrian Peterson as the star than it is the injury laden, uncompetitive Chiefs team that’s been blown away in two of their first three games this season. Even the best one, last Sunday against the Chargers, featured a Chiefs team that could not take advantage of multiple Chargers mistakes.

At this point, the Vikings are two-point favorites even though they are on the road this week, a sign that no one is willing to bet on the Chiefs just yet. Hopefully Todd Haley can use this as another way to rally his troops.