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NFL Roster Cuts 2011: Kansas City Chiefs Cut Three Players

The number of players cut today will be exorbitant for each team in the NFL today, as 864 players will go from officially being on a team’s roster to searching for another place to fulfill their NFL dreams. With lots of decisions to be made, the Kansas City Chiefs will likely make a few announcements between now and this evening when they officially create their 53-man roster for the season.

Thus far, three Chiefs have been released three players:
1. Rashard Langford – The safety was a hit on special teams last year in 6 games, but apparently was beat out for one of the final roster spots by a new players — perhaps Sabby Piscitelli, a player that Todd Haley calls “Jersey Shore.”

2. Micah Johnson – The linebacker was a long shot to make the roster this season, even with the loss of Brandon Siler at linebacker. Simply put, Johnson never made his mark in any public way that we ever heard about.

3. Zeke Markshausen – Again, Markshausen was a long shot to make the roster as well given the glut of options at wide receiver. Others like Keary Colbert were clearly making waves as a newcomer, while holdovers were warranting nice looks like Verran Tucker. This seems an obvious cut.

There will be many more announcements to come today as the Chiefs get down to the final 53.