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NFL Roster Cuts 2011: Kansas City Chiefs Release Shane Bannon, Charlie Gantt, Pierre Walters

Four more names have surfaced via Twitter in the hunt for who exactly the Kansas City Chiefs will cut in an attempt to form a 53-man roster. They have to come down from 80, which means 27 total names will be officially announced at some point. Thus far, we only have 7 unofficial players.

The new names that have emerged are linebacker Pierre Walters, FB Shane Bannon, tight end Charlie Gantt and offensive lineman Chris Harr. None of these players come as a surprise at all, with only Bannon being the possible curious choice — but that’s only because he was an official draft choice of the team in this April’s draft.

Bannon should stick on the roster as a Practice Squad member assuming no other team claims him, and that’s a possibility for others as well. Bannon simply had no place on the roster with the addition of Le’Ron McClain and the already loaded backfield of the Chiefs. Jackie Battle is also on the fringes, so it will be interesting to see if he sticks as well.

More names should be announced shortly.