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NFL Roster Cuts 2011: Kansas City Chiefs Release Verran Tucker, Keep Keary Colbert

The Kansas City Chiefs went into this offseason needing to add some receiving options to aid Dwayne Bowe and provide stronger options in the passing game for Matt Cassel. The Chiefs then brought in Steve Breaston and drafted Jon Baldwin, but even then there’s still work to do at the bottom of the roster. Suffice to say, no one saw Keary Colbert coming — not even the Chiefs brass.

Todd Haley admitted that a scouting video blew him away from Colbert’s agent and from there he’s only impressed in camp. But the announcement that Colbert made the team over Verran Tucker and others is proof that an NFL career is available to those who want it bad enough. Colbert’s been out for some time from the NFL, even serving as USC tight ends coach last year, but Haley and company loved what they saw in training camp.

Jeremy Horne was also cut from the Chiefs wide receivers.