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Kansas City Chiefs Roster Cuts: Complete List Of Released Players

The Kansas City Chiefs just announced their new 53-man roster by confirming the cuts that have already come as well as new names previously unknown. Today is NFL cut day and the Chiefs were just one of 32 teams trying to find the 27 players to give the pink slip to. Various sources had already given the media seven names, but 20 more were revealed with the official list.

The official list reads:
Harold Ayodele
Shane Bannon
Justin Cole
Mike Cox
Dion Gales
Charlie Gantt
Bobby Greenwood
Chris Harr
Darryl Harris
Jeremy Horne
Mike Ingersoll
Micah Johnson
Amara Kamara
Reshard Langford
Quinten Lawrence
Butch Lewis
Zeke Markshausen
David Mims
Lucas Patterson
Ricky Price
Cody Slate
Anthony Toribio
Verran Tucker
Pierre Walters
Donald Washington.