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Kansas City Chiefs Matt Cassel Reportedly Suffers Cracked Rib

Chiefs fans hope the rumor isn't true that Cassel could be dealing with a cracked rib.

If Nick Wright is to be believed, then Matt Cassel has suffered a cracked rib going back to the last preseason game -- a contest that also cost the Chiefs Tony Moeaki for the season among other smaller injuries. That means his status for the opening week contest against the Buffalo Bills might be in question. Everything is conjecture at this point and it's only a Twitter rumor, but it could prove more to the injury Cassel suffered where he said he simply got the wind knocked out of him.

If the rumors are true, it also exacerbates the quarterback situation for KC heading into the regular season since Ricky Stanzi is obviously inexperienced as a fifth round rookie who didn't even play the last preseason game. Tyler Palko is the only other quarterback on the roster, and no Chiefs fan can feel good about him playing any role whatsoever in 2011. Simply put, without Cassel, the Chiefs have some major issues on their hands.

Nothing is officially known however on this and word might not get out until after the holiday weekend from the KC offices. However, more sources should either confirm this injury soon enough or tell us that it's all a mistake. But if it's true, the Chiefs have a major uphill climb ahead of them.