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Kansas City Chiefs Now Have Back-Up Quarterback Options In David Garrard And Dan LeFevour

David Garrard would make an ideal complement to the Chiefs quarterback stable.

The Kansas City Chiefs were set to enter the regular season woefully thin at quarterback, and they might still choose to go that route. Of course, that very viewpoint is subjective, as team officials and coaches (as well as some fans) might believe that a trio of Matt Cassel, Tyler Palko and Ricky Stanzi is just fine. There are other views, however, and that's largely placed on Palko's lack of pro experience or even flashes of potential in the last two preseasons.

Given Stanzi's lack of experience and Cassel's recent rib injury, the KC QB situation is even more of an issue if you already believed it to be a problem area. The Chiefs, simply put, could have a stronger quarterback corps. Now they have before them a few options previously unavailable in the recently released David Garrard of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dan LeFevour of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Garrard's release is the most surprising, since there's been no regime change whatsoever. The Jags have seemed to back Garrard this preseason despite drafting Blaine Gabbert at No. 10 overall in the NFL Draft in April. Not only this, but it's not as if Gabbert has played exceptionally well this preseason. The move really makes no sense. And if the Chiefs have any chance to sign the guy, they should take it.

For LeFevour, the promise is a bit less considering the Bengals are hardly set at quarterback and didn't even want LeFevour for their practice squad. But let's remember that the word on LeFevour was good coming out of college in 2010 and it's all about the right fit for a quarterback. If Kansas City believes they have the right scheme for LeFevour, a second year player could become the right addition to the QB mix.

However, the best fit is likely Garrard for the Chiefs considering that Cassel's completion percentage even when healthy was only 58.2 percent last year. Garrard had a 64.5 percent rate on a less talented team. Garrard had a career best season last year, which makes the release inexplicable but the temptation to sign the quarterback even greater. Perhaps Garrard can latch onto a team that was already in the playoffs just last season instead of hoping once again to leapfrog the Colts.