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Kansas City Chiefs Could Use Playmaker Like Randy Moss With Injuries To Tony Moeaki, Jon Baldwin

With the injuries to Jon Baldwin and Tony Moeaki, the Chiefs could use another playmaker in the passing game.

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This past offseason, it was clear the Kansas City Chiefs were in need of playmaker in the passing game. The running game was already set with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, but Dwayne Bowe and Tony Moeaki were the only threats for Matt Cassel to look for and neither one presented the deep threat. The Chiefs added Jon Baldwin with the first round draft choice and Steve Breaston through free agency to address those needs and bring new facets to the offense. But with half of those options gone for the time being, the team might need one more: Randy Moss

Given the season-ending injury to Moeaki, the Chiefs are down one dependable option for the entire year and the Chiesf haven't said any timeline for Baldwin's return. Even when he is back, he's a rookie receiver in a season without any OTAs due to the lockout. Simply put, there's no way to count on Baldwin for a significant amount of time. That said, the Chiefs are down to Breaston and Bowe and are nearly back to where they started last year -- albeit with more question marks on the offensive line.

Enter Randy Moss, who despite retiring earlier this year could probably be enticed back to the right situation. Scott Pioli, KC's general manager, has already made the move once with the Patriots, so it's clear that Pioli would make the move if he truly felt it would benefit the team. The Chiefs have made an investment in Matt Cassel and still have a clear path to the divisional crown, but some moves would help bolster those chances and give Cassel what he needs to succeed.

While he struggled last year, Moss played in all 16 games the three years prior to 2010, so it's not as if he hasn't shown good numbers for a long time. The reality is that the Chiefs are even giving Keary Colbert a chance who was out of football in 2008. If they can give him a slot, then Moss is worth a look -- especially since he had 1,200 yards receiving just two seasons ago.

The bottom line is that the passing game was in need of work coming into the season and, given the state of the current roster, that statement still rings true. Moss would add a major offensive boost for a team that could use one heading into the upcoming Bills game as the team looks to repeat as AFC West champs in 2011.