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Robert Griffin III's Choice To Declare For NFL Draft 'Is Not A Hard Decision'

Robert Griffin III has done just about everything that he can do. He’s taken the Baylor Bears to national relevance. He won 10 games this season. He won a bowl game in dramatic fashion in the Alamo Bowl win over Washington. He even won the Heisman Trophy. So it’s hard to blame him if he doesn’t ride the tremendous spotlight and momentum he’s earned to declare for the NFL Draft in April. His father says it’s only a matter of time given that the decision is “not a hard” one.

“He actually has made a strong case to return because he’s only 12 hours short of his master’s, but he believes he can still accomplish that goal,” Griffin II said. “He’s still waiting for his official evaluation from the league, but the decision (to turn pro) is not a hard decision.”

Griffin is widely expected to be the second quarterback taken off of the board after Andrew Luck but even that’s likely to be questioned given the incredible ride that Griffin has been on over the last few months. Still at the end of the day, it’s easy to picture Luck going first overall and the rest of the quarterback needy teams — perhaps the Chiefs — vying for the chance to take Luck.