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Josh McDaniels Becomes Available With Steve Spagnuolo Firing From St. Louis Rams

If Chris Mortensen is right, the entire St. Louis Rams coaching staff will soon be available for NFL franchises to peruse. That makes the long rumored move from Josh McDaniels from the Rams to the Chiefs now a possibility without having to wait through most of the post-season as the Chiefs had to do the last team they made drastic coaching moves.

McDaniels just ended a season helming the worst offense in the NFL with the Rams who secured the second overall choice in the NFL Draft. His hire would certainly be met with a healthy dose of skepticism with the Chiefs, but Scott Pioli is rumored to want coaches he is familiar with and several successful NFL coaches have had their bad stops along the way (i.e. Bill Belichick with the Browns). Pioli might see the same with McDaniels in Denver.

That said, the entire Rams staff is headed somewhere. Spagnuolo might be headed to Philly as rumored. Billy Devaney is apparently also available now as the team’s former general manager. Bad news comes in waves this time of year and it’s not surprising to see the Rams pulling the trigger even after only two seasons of Spags and Devaney.