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Romeo Crennel Will Still Call Plays For Kansas City Chiefs Defense In 2012

Now that Romeo Crennel has officially been named the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs the most obvious question would be how he would manage handling the defensive duties, along with all of those responsibilities that come along with being the head coach.

Crennel went on Sirius XM NFL radio with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon and said that he'll still be the one calling the plays for the defense for the Chiefs in 2012. That's great news for Chiefs fans as the defensive unit made great strides with Crennel leading the charge in 2011. It was actually the lone bright spot for much of the season as the Chiefs struggled on offense for most of the season. via Rich Gannon's twitter page.

Rich Gannon

Romeo Crennel will not relinquish playcalling responsibilites as it relates to the defense. Great news for Chiefs fans.1 of best in business!
The biggest question now for Chiefs fans is who is going to be running the offense for the team next season. If Crennel as head coach is still going to be heavily involved with the defense, whoever is brought in to run the offense will have complete, or near complete control of that side of the ball. It would seem that someone that already has experience at offensive coordinator would be the most logical choice.