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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Kansas City Chiefs' Scott Pioli Gives Insight To Quarterback Position Next Season

With just a few simple words Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli broke hearts, tables and TV's when he came out and said that the Chiefs would NOT be trading up in this April's draft to take a quarterback. There goes 80% of mock draft and trade scenarios for Chiefs fans. It's not just that the Chiefs won't be seeing the likes of Andrew Luck, or more thought-to-be-possible Robert Griffin III next season in red and gold, it's the obviousness that means it will be Matt Cassel under center for the Chiefs in 2012.

Here are a couple of quotes from Scott Pioli in regards to trading up that had Chiefs' fans punching their dogs. He spoke with NBC Action News' Jack Harry. via

"From year to year you have so many needs," Pioli said. "To start giving up multiple No. 1 picks, that's a big decision because right now we may say we have needs in these five areas and to sacrifice multiple drafts in the future, I tend to want to be a little more responsible than that."

Pioli has a point about not mortgaging your future by giving up, basically starters (multiple first round picks), in order to take a chance on one guy. But it's going to be a tough sell for the season ticket salesman and group sales staff at One Arrowhead Drive if they have to pitch Cassel as the starting quarterback heading into 2012. I think the Chiefs can be a good team with Cassel, but getting the fence-sitters to cross over isn't going to happen with Cassel under center next season.

"So what I'm gong to do is make prudent decisions to get the best players and get the best team built. Being too short-sighted and trading too many draft picks for any one player....I don't even know who the player is who I'd say I'd give up multiple first round picks based on where we're at."

It's the last part of that last sentence that has Chiefs fans worried. It doesn't sound like he's even entertaining the idea that they even need another quarterback, at least in the first round, as we stand right now. Maybe he's just playing a game with the media and he doesn't want it to get out that they may be in the market for a quarterback. It certainly wouldn't make Matt Cassel's life any easier over the next few months if he did suggest anything like that. But if we can take Pioli at his word right now we can go ahead and cross off Luck and RGIII as Chiefs next season.