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2012 NFL Coaching Search: Romeo Crennel Will Take Time In Making Decisions On Coordinators

Romeo Crennel told ESPN's Bill Williamson that he's not necessarily in a hurry to make decisions on the offensive and defensive coordinator positions that still need to be filled for the Kansas City Chiefs. He said that it might even be after the Senior Bowl that comes in a couple of weeks. The Senior Bowl is a mad house of unemployed NFL positional coaches and coordinators that can chat and mingle with guys like Romeo Crennel, who could be looking towards this time to meet and interview some potential hires.

From Williamson's story on ESPN.

Crennel said he is in the early stages of the process and that the team needs to get some permission to talk to some candidates. That could be an indication that the Chiefs might have some candidates who are position coaches elsewhere in the league.

That could also mean that the Chiefs are wanting to talk and interview some coaches that might still be working with their teams in the playoffs. It's the same thing that happened when Todd Haley was with the Arizona Cardinals and they made it all the way to the Super Bowl. It's always a good thing to be wanting to talk with coaches from teams that are still playing because obviously they are having success with what they are doing.