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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Might Need Dre Kirkpatrick

The Kansas City Chiefs have decisions to make this off season in regards to two of their top free agents on the market, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and cornerback Brandon Carr. It's the impending free agency of Carr that has many Chiefs fans clamoring for an extension for the former 5th round pick out of Division II Grand Valley State. Carr has been a steady performer over the past four years and has come into his own over the last two seasons and should be a top priority for the Chiefs heading into this off season. But the Chiefs would have a better idea of how close, or far, they are in contract negotiations. And if they know they're not close in these talks, maybe a guy like Alabama's Dre Kirkpatrick is in play for the Chiefs in the first round of the 2012 draft.

The Chiefs have the No. 10/11 pick (depending on coin flip) in this upcoming draft and many draft experts believe that Kirkpatrick will be gone by the time the Chiefs pick anyways, but someone always happens to fall unexpectedly on draft day and if Kirkpatrick is that guy, the Chiefs may be in play for him if they don't think Carr will be back in 2012. Obviously it would be a moot point if Carr is re-signed or signed with another team before the draft. But if not, the 6'3 192lb corner from Gadsden, Alabama could be in play for the Chiefs.

Kirkpatrick is known as a solid player against the run who was a part of a Alabama defensive backfield that allowed just 116 yards per game. While he may not have the stats that some of these other players in the draft bring as far as interceptions and tackles, but much of that can be attributed to that fact that he played with some pretty good players and offenses didn't throw at him much. His size at 6'3 and almost 200 lbs would make him one of the bigger cornerbacks in the NFL as the Chiefs other current starting cornerback, Brandon Flowers, stands at just 5'9.

The Chiefs drafted Jalil Brown out of Colorado just a year ago who could be in play for the Chiefs as a replacement for Carr (should he leave), but Brown didn't get a lot of playing time this past season and it's hard to guage whether or not he'd be counted on to step in should an opening present itself. They also have a former teammate of Kirkpatricks in Javier Arenas, who spent most of his time as the nickel corner for the Chiefs in 2011.

The Chiefs do have some options at cornerback and some decisions to make that will ultimately determine before the draft whether or not Kirkpatrick would even be a possibility if he was available at their pick. I think most Chiefs fans are hoping that they re-sign Carr and that cornerback isn't a position that they would consider with their first round pick.