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Did Scott Pioli Spy On Todd Haley During Kansas City Chiefs Coaching Tenure?

An excellent new piece by the Kansas City Star's Kent Babb is a must read for its insight into the Kansas City Chiefs front office, and a major part of the story surrounds the paranoia of some former Chiefs' employees including former head coach Todd Haley. Within the piece, the reports is that Haley's own phone might have been bugged and that conversations were monitored on the premises. If anything, it's an intriguing read on the secrecy of Scott Pioli's front office and how the Chiefs operate.

Babb writes, "A common notion is that employees are constantly being watched. When they arrive and leave, where they’re going within the building and who they’re talking to. Indeed, the technology exists at the Chiefs’ offices, as it does in many corporate settings, to monitor phone calls and emails. But here, some staffers even hesitated before using their cell phones or speaking inside the building, because, like Haley, they suspected that conversations were monitored."

There are two sides to every story and it's likely the Chiefs will not care to comment on Babb's piece officially. Thus, fans will likely never know what really goes on at Arrowhead.