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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Says He's Ready To Play For Whoever Drafts Him

If you asked the typical Kansas City Chiefs fan about their hopes for the upcoming NFL Draft, you will likely hear one of two things: grab an offensive tackle or trade up for Robert Griffin III. Whether or not that's a possibility, Griffin is likely the most available of the two big quarterbacks in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft and that means that a trade is more likely for Griffin than Andrew Luck. Given that Matt Cassel is likely the starter going into next season, fans are wanting a higher ceiling at the position.

Griffin was recently asked about his jump to the NFL and whether or not he had a favorite team he was hoping would choose him. He laughed when he answered and gave the ideal answer that most young prospects are coached to say.

"No I can’t say that [laughs]," he said to ESPN Dallas. "Like I said whoever is paying the bills that’s who your favorite team is, those are your favorite colors and you are ready to be a part of that family, so whoever drafts me I am proud to be a part of that team and associated with those players and can’t wait to get to work for them."

Chiefs fans certainly hope they are that team, but there are others likely to move up for his services in case those teams at the top are willing to trade the pick -- i.e. the MInnesota Vikings or St. Louis Rams.