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Brian Waters Enjoying Playing Career With Tom Brady And New England Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs waived Brian Waters before the 2011 season began after both parties decided it was better for him to move on. Now the Chiefs are out of the playoffs with offensive line issues while Waters made yet another Pro Bowl appearance, this time with the New England Patriots. When asked about his experience beating the Denver Broncos and advancing to the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, Waters and other veterans like Shaun Ellis say they relish the chance to play for a contender at this stage in their careers.

Waters is now 34 years old and played 11 seasons for the Chiefs before leaving for New England. He says he loves playing for Tom Brady in particular. ""The guy is not great by accident," Waters told the Boston Globe. "The guy’s got rings. He’s played at a very high level for a long period of time. I’m not surprised by anything he does."

If Waters and the rest of the Patriots win next weekend, he will be playing in his first Super Bowl.