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Brian Schottenheimer Follows Jeff Fisher To St. Louis Rams

The other side of the state is getting a nice coaching makeover, at least on paper. The St. Louis Rams have already claimed Jeff Fisher as their new head coach, beating out the Miami Dolphins for the longtime Titans coach. Now they've added former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer as their new offensive coordinator, according to Mike Lombardi. That takes yet another name off of the list for the Chiefs to consider and makes the Rams look quite impressive.

Schottenheimer is the son of Marty Schottenheimer, the longtime Chiefs head coach, and is known as a strong offensive mine, despite the drama on the Jets this season. It will be interesting to see what he can do with Sam Bradford since Mark Sanchez never took the major leap that most wanted him to under Schottenheimer. However, the Fisher-Schottenheimer tandem looks nice when building a staff and Rams fans have to be happy with the announcement.