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Peter King Says Denver Broncos Should Draft Quarterback Competition For Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos had a season that no one could have predicted, moving from the second choice in the NFL Draft just one year ago to taking out the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs. John Fox did a great coaching job in his first year in Denver and Tim Tebow definitely deserves credit for guiding the team to the AFC West title. But Peter King of Sports Illustrated also says it’s not enough and that the Broncos should further bolster the position for the future.

King writes, "Denver should backstop Tebow with a second- or third-round prospect and either Brady Quinn or an option type of quarterback like Tebow, in the event of an in-game injury; that way the Broncos won’t have to revolutionize their offense in the middle of a game.

“Finally, this: Denver cannot enter the 2012 season with the same predictable play-calling, with that inside handoff or Tebow sprinting into an option. It limits the offense way too much. The reality of Tebow’s 2011 season is he had some great moments and eight wins. But he also plateaued. He simply has to be more accurate to have a chance to be a long-term NFL quarterback.”

A prospect like that could be Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M or Nick Foles of Arizona State. Certainly that sort of pick would be a lightning rod for discussion and sports talk in Denver for the months leading up to the season. It’s debatable whether that would help or hinder Tebow, who already has enough attention and scrutiny as it is.