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Peter King Says Todd Haley Needs To 'Set Record Straight' On Spying Accusations Against Scott Pioli And Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs’ front office is under fire for the working conditions around Arrowhead with a recent piece from the Kansas City Star’s Kent Babb claiming from several unnamed sources that everything from spying to age discrimination might be going on. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King says that former head coach Todd Haley should set the record straight on the reports that he believed his phone was bugged and that his conversations were monitored.

“Whoa now,” writes King. “Those are very serious charges. Does Haley have proof that a federal crime has been committed and his phone was tampered with, or an office he works in has been bugged so team management could spy on him and other employees? If he has proof or something more than simple paranoia, out with it — and expose the team for something incredibly scurrilous. If not, that’s a damaging rap to lay on someone, or an organization. Haley needs to set the record straight.”

It’s unclear whether or not Haley will come forward on these charges, but this is not likely to go away anytime soon. The Chiefs are already facing at least one pending court case due to age discrimination in the workplace that was just filed last month. Babb’s article only fans the flame and paints the Chiefs organization in a negative light. One side or the other should clear things up with a direct statement.