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Could Al Saunders Come Back To The Kansas City Chiefs?

A familiar face is the latest possibility brought up to be the Kansas City Chiefs next offensive coordinator, and it's one that would definitely make many Chiefs fans excited to see him again. Al Saunders led the Chiefs offense through some of its most prolific seasons and Mark Finocchio says its time the Chiefs thought about bringing him in again to restart an offense that's clearly the weak link for the team in 2011.

The Chiefs were among the top five offenses in football for five of Saunders' seasons, including No. 1 overall in yardage twice. Last year the Raiders were a top 10 team under Saunders and he did the same with the Redskins. Its' clear that Saunders' offenses are complicated, but they also work.

"It is clear to me that Al Saunders has experienced success at nearly every one of his coaching stops as the offensive coordinator or consultant," writes Finocchio. "Except for the 2008 anomaly in his record with St. Louis, Saunders has always been in the top half of the league for offense and in five of the last ten seasons he had a top 5 offense including two seasons with the number one offense.

"The Chiefs would do well to consider Saunders for offensive coordinator," he continues. "With Carl Peterson no longer calling the shots, the path is clear for Saunders return. Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel could see the emergence of the best offense in the NFL with a clear winner in Al Saunders."