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Tim Tebow's Future Success Will Depend On Denver Broncos' Ability To Evolve On Offense

Tim Tebow performed well enough under the microscope and attention of, well, everyone on planet earth to warrant the announcement that he will be the Broncos starter at quarterback heading into next season. That said, there is still plenty of work to be done to make him a solid NFL starting quarterback, and he's among the first to admit as much. ESPN's Bill Williamson has a list of several factors that could help Tebow, and one of them is particularly crucial: having the Broncos' offense evolve beyond its current option-heavy attack.

The limitations of Tebow's option offense ultimately killed them against a veteran playoff team like the New England Patriots. In fact, it led to a season-worst performance on offense.

"The Broncos used a few versions of the option offense," writes Bill Williamson. "The team must spend the offseason marrying the option and a more traditional offense. Teams were catching up to the Broncos. In a 45-10 divisional playoff loss to New England, the Broncos had 14 negative plays. According to ESPN Stats & Information, it was the most negative plays any NFL offense had this season. Denver was 1-4 in its last five games and Tebow’s production slid in the losses. The Broncos have to work to keep ahead of defenses. If Denver trots outs the same offense next season, it will be halted much like the Wildcat was in Miami."

There's every reason to believe that the offense will grow and evolve, because it's obvious that Tebow must grow in his accuracy and pro level intelligence to take advantage of what the defense gives him. To do so, the offensive plan must expand. Williamson is dead-on when he says that evolution is vital for the Broncos' offense.