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Super Bowl 2013 Odds Have Kansas City Chiefs At 50-1 To Take It All

The first official betting odds for the 2013 Super Bowl have been released and the Kansas City Chiefs are definitely among the longshots to take it all at 50-1. While other teams have it worse -- the Rams, Jaguars, Browns and Redskins are 100-1 -- the Chiefs are tied for second worst odds of any team. That said, there are 10 total teams including the Chiefs at 50-1, including AFC West rivals like the Raiders and Broncos. Surprisingly, the San Diego Chargers are 15-1 odds to win the Super Bowl next year.

Other surprises include the Indianapolis Colts coming in at 40-1 ahead of several other teams after this year's disaster. It's clear they're likely to become the popular rebound pick for next season. The Panthers with Cam Newton at the helm are also 40-1. The Green Bay Packers are the favorites at 5-1 with the Saints and Patriots rounding out the top three.