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Jim Caldwell Becomes Offensive Coordinator Possibility For Kansas City Chiefs After Being Let Go From Colts

The axe has fallen again, and yet another NFL head coach finds himself searching for gainful employment with the announcement from the Indianapolis Colts that Jim Caldwell has been fired from the team. Certainly any team with the first overall choice in the NFL Draft has to consider firing their head coach — or at least someone — but there’s no denying the lack of talent the Colts have in several places. Could someone else have succeeded? It’s hard to tell. Either way, Caldwell is now looking for a new place to work.

The Kansas City Chiefs, meanwhile, are looking for a new offensive coordinator to work with another steady, silent coach in Romeo Crennel. The Chiefs have interviewed a few possibilities, but it’s hard to tell which direction they’re going to go in. Caldwell, meanwhile, would bring head coaching experience to the team as well as vast experience as a quarterbacks coach for the Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Caldwell also has considerable college experience with a head coaching tenure at Wake Forest and years coaching quarterbacks and wideouts for schools like Penn State, Louisville and Colorado.

There’s no way of knowing where Caldwell will go at this point since his former head coach is now retired. He’s been with the Colts since 2002, so his ties are there. Perhaps if the Polian clans lands somewhere else, Caldwell could go with them. But the Chiefs have an open slot and Caldwell has an extensive offensive background to consider with a 26-22 record as an NFL head coach.

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