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Tim Tebow Injury: Broncos Quarterback Suffered Torn Cartilage, Bruised Lung

While it likely would not have affected the course of the NFL playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos last weekend, Adam Schefter is reporting that Tim Tebow was playing through some injuries from the third quarter on. That didn’t contribute to the Broncos being down, but it might have affected their ability to come back.

“At the start of the third quarter, Tebow tore cartilage on his first rib where it attaches to his sternum, bruised his lung and had fluid buildup in the plural space of his chest, according to an NFL source,” writes Schefter. “The injuries came as the result of a hit in the pocket when Tebow was pressured after throwing a pass. Even so, he was determined to finish the game with his teammates regardless of the score.”

Tebow will certainly score points with his teammates for the choices he’s made lately. He refused a studio appearance for this weekend’s NFL games and he played through this game with an injury. No one can question where his focus is at this point, which is likely just on getting healthy, resting up and then beginning to work out and adjust for next season as the Broncos starting quarterback. It will never be business as usual for Tebow, who will always be an iconic figure, good or bad, but Broncos fans have to love this focus.