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Joplin Globe Reporter Adds Another Anecdote For Scott Pioli, Kansas City Chiefs Paranoia Claims

Mike Pound of the Joplin Globe says that everything “makes sense now.” From there, the reporter detailed a story recently in which he cites an experience with his 11-year-old daughter as they tried to observe the Kansas City Chiefs’ practice fields. Apparently even then, there was at least some remnant of the culture of security and secrecy highlighted in a recent article by the Kansas City Star’s Kent Babb.

Pound writes, "That’s when I saw the security guard quickly coming our way. The guard was polite and, it seemed, a little embarrassed. He asked us what we were doing. I told him Emma just wanted to look around. The guard told us we were on private property. I told him I understood and apologized. Then he said, ‘The executives wanted to know who you were.’ He then told us we would have to leave.

“At the time I remember thinking that the “executives” were a little bit paranoid if the sight of a middle-age guy and his 11-year-old walking the outside of the building like a couple of tourists unnerved them. Now, others have jumped in on the issue.”

While this story is anecdotal in nature, it’s an interesting addition to a PR nightmare that’s already burning bright.