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Casey Wiegmann Considers Retirement, Says 'Football Has Been Good To Me'

Kent Babb believes he was picking up a vibe when he spoke with Casey Wiegmann after the Kansas City Chiefs win over the Denver Broncos. That vibe displayed an arrow toward retirement, it seems, as Babb reported, "Casey Wiegmann wouldn't say what he's decided, but his decision appears made. "Football has been good to me," he told me." The longtime Chiefs center would be the last vestige from a Chiefs offensive line gone by.

Wiegmann flirted with retiring last year before signing up for one more season, so the possibility of the same this year cannot surprise anyone. Scott Pioli, the Chiefs' general manager, has already planned for this possibility with the second round choice of Rodney Hudson from Florida State in this last year's NFL Draft. Hudson is versatile enough to spell at guard or center, but it's likely the long-term vision for him is to take over for Wiegmann once he's finished.

For a player like Wiegmann, he should be celebrated at Arrowhead once he does make the announcement. Wiegmann started 175 consecutive games at center and has been a model for the position for as long as most Chiefs fans can remember. Whether or not he's Hall of Fame worthy, at the very least he's been among the underrated greats who likely would warrant Hall consideration if he'd been blessed to play in front of a Peyton Manning type in his career.