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Jared Allen Ready To Get Back To Workouts To Gear Up For Another Run At NFL Sack Record

Former Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen has made the Minnesota Vikings quite pleased with the returns on their trade that brought over the NFL’s best pass rusher. Now at 29, Allen just enjoyed his best season ever by far in 2011 with 22 sacks — a total that eclipsed the team record of 21 by Chris Doleman and fell a half sack short of Michael Strahan’s all-time record of 22.5.

When asked what he would have done if he could have gotten that final sack, Allen has some amusing words.

“I probably would have thrown my helmet into the crowd,” Allen said, “jumped up, ran up, kissed my wife and my baby in the suite, walked into the locker room and quit. No, I might have done some turf angels. Probably would have cried. [The Chicago Bears] probably would have gotten a first down — a 15-yard penalty on me. I probably would have taken my shoulder pads off. So probably a good thing I didn’t get it, right?”

Getting back to a serious tone, however, Allen said he’s already gearing up for more of the same next season.

Kevin Seifert writes, "He said that finishing with 22 was like ‘being the runner-up at the prom’ but added: ‘I know it’s possible now. I know it’s possible. I’m going to work my butt off this offseason to try to help my team get back to the playoffs and to try to get that sack title.’