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If Josh McDaniels Is Not Fired By Rams, Chiefs Must Offer Promotion From Offensive Coordinator To Get Him

The rumors are churning that the Kansas City Chiefs players might just get their wish to keep Romeo Crennel as their head coach. Crennel went 2-1 in his three game audition, including wins over the Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos to close out the season. That said, the Chiefs have been horrible on offense all season — going beyond injuries to Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles. The team needs to do something on the offensive end and Josh McDaniels has often been linked to the team because of Scott Pioli’s presence. But it’s not that easy.

“If the team decides to keep Crennel, the next interesting decision is what to do with the offense,” writes Tim Kavanagh. “St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has been linked to the potential opening due to his ties to GM Scott Pioli, but he’s under contract in St. Louis for another season; therefore, in order to be poached for a gig with the Chiefs, he’d need to have a promotion in job title.”

The Chiefs could offer McDaniels an assistant head coaching gig to team with Romeo Crennel. That would keep everyone happy and allow the Chiefs to get the offensive guy that they want. However if the Rams clean house, then this becomes a non-issue.