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Peter King Says Romeo Crennel Deserves Kansas City Chiefs Head Coaching Gig

Romeo Crennel has his best backers inside the Chiefs locker room, where most of Kansas City’s players have been quite vocal about retaining their interim head coach and defensive coordinator over the long haul. That said, he’s also got some strong support among sportswriters, such as Sports Illustrated’s Peter King who gives Crennel some kudos when listing what he liked about Week 17.

“Romeo Crennel’s job performance, which has to be one of the best by an interim coach in recent years,” writes King. “He went 2-1, including the Chiefs handing the Packers their only loss, and his defensive players showed how badly they want to play for him by allowing 33 points in the three games he coached. He deserves the full-time gig.”

Crennel would certainly represent the continuity that could keep the Chiefs late-season momentum moving forward, but certainly there will be many moves made — from decisions at offensive coordinator to quarterback. Crennel is not a lock by any means, since Scott Pioli is quite clear that he will make the decisions he feels are in the best interest of the team no matter what public opinion is at the moment, but Crennel has to be considered the favorite here.