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Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Bill Muir 'Likely To Retire'

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Bill Muir is "likely to retire" this off-season, giving the team the opening that most were predicting whether or not Muir was leaving on his own terms. This is not surprising in the slightest that Muir would be leaving one way or another and, at 69-years-old, retirement is certainly an option he can take.

Joel Thorman over at Arrowhead Pride writes, 'Even without a retirement decision, you have to wonder if Muir would be back. This was his first season as the Chiefs offensive coordinator and play caller and KC ended the season ranked 31st in the league. Yes, there were quarterback concerns in the second half of the season but even with Matt Cassel early in the year the team was too inconsistent."

The team is now likely to turn to an outside source to help the team. Josh McDaniels is contractually bound to the St. Louis Rams even after the team cleaned house, so it might be someone else. Then again, the off-season is just beginning so it's impossible to tell who will land where at this point.