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Todd Haley Unlikely To Return To Arizona Cardinals In Any Capacity

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Even after Todd Haley was fired as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, the thought was that it wouldn't be long until the offensive reputation of Haley carried him quickly to a new position in another organization. Of course, not as quickly as Josh McDaniels found something, but quick enough nonetheless. Now it seems that Haley will not be going back to a familiar setting with the Arizona Cardinals as many thought, leaving Haley without a home as teams are shoring up their coaching positions.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic says that Haley would be a great addition in terms of ideas and schemes, but that head coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't have the space for him -- nor does he want to upset the apple cart to do so.

"It's become clear that coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't want to make a major shake-up on his offensive staff," writes Somers. "He believes in coordiantor Mike Miller, who is not going to be demoted. The only open position, then, is the quarterbacks job, and Haley would fit perfectly into that role.

"But Haley is a former coordinator and head coach. It's understandable he would want more responsibility than that. Haley also likes Miller, and both sides are sensitive to the possibility of hiring someone who would be perceived as looking over Miller's shoulder. Haley likely will have other options, possibly as an offensive coordinator for one of the teams currently without a head coach."

Haley has also been linked to the New York Jets. It's likely a team moves on him soon enough but for now it's a mystery as to where Haley will end up.