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NFL Draft 2012: Could Kansas City Chiefs Afford Luxury Pick Of Trent Richardson In First Round?

It all depends on where Scott Pioli and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs front office has Trent Richardson on their draft board. That's the answer to the question of whether or not the Chiefs could pull the trigger if the Alabama running back happened to fall to their draft position at No. 11 or 12 overall in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.

It's clear that Richardson is not only the top back available come April but that he's truly a special talent. Any team would be happy to welcome him into the fold, but the Chiefs also have needs -- like any other team. Thus, it's not as easy as selecting the top player on a draft board if he's not the greatest need. And for a team with needs on both lines, it's hard to picture the Chiefs selecting a running back with the first pick.

Yet Richardson's talent could be enough to warrant such a selection in the first place. That's the question Bill Williamson asked in a recent column over at ESPN.

Williamson writes, "If Richardson is available when the Chiefs pick, would they take him? Kansas City has needs on the defensive line and on the offensive line. Jamaal Charles, who was the second leading rusher in the NFL in 2010, is expected to be healthy this season. He was lost for the season when he tore the ACL in his knee in Week 2. Richardson would be a luxury pick in Kansas City. However, a backfield featuring Richardson and Charles would be one of the most dangerous running-back tandems in the NFL. It would also take immense pressure of quarterback Matt Cassel and an underrated passing game in Kansas City."

It still is a luxury pick, but it's not hard to picture Pioli sticking to his draft board. If he likes Richardson enough, he will take him.