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NFL Will Not Take Action Against Kansas City Chiefs Unless Todd Haley Or Others Speak Up

Allegations in a newspaper article are not enough. Someone from the Kansas City Chiefs organization -- past or present -- is going to have to make some official claims against the Chiefs if the NFL is going to investigate any reports that the team is spying on its employees.

While it's weird enough to just write a line like that, it seems the story will not move from the odd into the realm of real legal concern as long as the story remains a vague notion of paranoia since Kent Babb's story ran in the Kansas City Star that said that Todd Haley, among others, was nervous about the working conditions at Arrowhead. The NFL's official word made it clear they weren't interested in moving forward with any inquiry for now.

"The Chiefs have notified us that these claims are completely false and no such allegations have been made to our office," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT by email on Wednesday morning.

"The last half of that quote likely means that, if Haley or someone else were to make such allegations directly to the league office, the league would have to do something more than take the team’s word for it," writes Mike Florio. "But until Haley or someone else makes an allegation to the league office (or to the appropriate state or federal authorities), no action will be taken — and no credence should be given to the allegations. Thus, it’s a simple proposition for any former or current Chiefs employee who believes that there was or is bugging, wiretapping, or other potentially illegal monitoring: put up, or shut up."