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Todd Haley Mentioned As Possibility For Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator Position

The Pittsburgh Steelers are unsure at this point whether or not Bruce Arians will return to his role in 2012 as the team’s offensive coordinator. With that in mind, it’s curious who might replace him in the Steel City with such a storied team. Perhaps that answer could come from the Kansas City Chiefs, as former head coach Todd Haley was mentioned by Bob Smizik as a possibility.

“There are, of course, dozens of other available and qualified candidates. One of note, is Todd Haley, an Upper St. Clair native, who most recently was the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Prior to that, he was the offensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, whose explosive offense with Kurt Warner at quarterback almost beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.”

Haley was ousted with three games left in the season and replaced by Romeo Crennel. He’s also been connected with openings with the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets.