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Former Chiefs Face Off In Patriots-Ravens Battle For AFC Supremacy And Super Bowl Appearance

Bernard Pollard and Brian Waters share roots in the Kansas City Chiefs organization and now both are going to get their chance to taste post-season glory with the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots respectively. As the two teams prepare to face off this weekend in the AFC Championship game, one's dream will come true while the other will wait until next year. Waters said recently that his former teammate will be ready and emotional for the game.

The reason for the focus on Pollard at this point is his famous hit on Tom Brady that knocked him out in the 2008 season. Waters said to expect the same from Pollard in this game, simply because that's the way he plays.

"If you know Bernard, you know there wasn’t much blowback for him," said Waters. "He took pride in the fact that he was able to get a hit on Tom. He’s not going to live that down, one way or the other. He’s a guy that takes pride in putting hits on people, being physical. He’s never going to back down or have any kind of regrets for that."

"He’s definitely a high energy personality. He definitely brings a lot of energy to the football team. I’ve been around Bernard when he was a rookie and he was the same guy he was then. He’s a very physical football player, he loves to hit. He has a very aggressive personality. I expect him to be at an all-time high come Sunday."