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Mike McCoy Might Remain With Denver Broncos After Interviews With Raiders And Dolphins

The Denver Broncos gave permission for other teams to interview their coordinators on both sides of the football, but they might get both of them back in a move that would maintain needed continuity for the young team as they come back for John Fox's second year with the Broncos.

Mike McCoy and Dennis Allen were both drawing interest from other teams for their head coaching openings, and the Raiders and Dolphins were particularly interested in McCoy, the team's offensive coordinator. His work with the running game and Tim Tebow showed his ability to make adjustments during the course of a long NFL season. Yet the Dolphins moved on with the announcement of Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin as the team's new head coach.

That leaves the Raiders as the only team left connected to McCoy and that comes after McCoy backed out of the process with the team in hopes of landing in Miami. Thus the OC might have shot himself in the foot if he truly wanted a chance to coach in the Bay Area.

If anything else, he will be back in Denver next season and can do this all over again one year from now. If he continues to mold Tebow into a successful NFL quarterback, he might have his choice of NFL openings.