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Tom Clements Would Make Interesting Offensive Coordinator Option For Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are being quite cautious and silent when it comes to revealing any possibilities for the team’s offensive coordinator opening. Various names have been thrown out in articles (such as this), but that’s only because it is impossible to get a solid read on who Romeo Crennel and the rest of the Chiefs brass might be interested in. Once Josh McDaniels went to the Patriots, the rest has been a round of guess work that hasn’t revealed anything of substance.

We are left, then, with only conjecture as our friend to try to ascertain the next Chiefs offensive coordinator. One name earning some attention from the Tampa Bay Bucs makes sense for the Chiefs as well in the Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements. While the Bucs are considering Clements to be their next head coach, that would be quite a jump for a guy who’s been monitoring the Packers’ quarterbacks the last five seasons. Still offensive coordinator is a position he’d be ready for and it’s actually something he has a history with.

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Clements was already OC for the Buffalo Bills back in 2004-05 before joining the Packers’ staff. While that ultimately didn’t work out, it shows that he has experience and should know what to expect. As for his recent body of work, his associated with Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers and now Matt Flynn bode well for Clements’ chances to move up the NFL’s food chain if he so desired.

Ideally, Clements would be a great hire for a team who planned on bringing in Matt Flynn as well, but the Dolphins might be thinking the same thing with their hire of Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Clements might be earning a head coach interview with the Bucs, but that’s not a position he will likely get, unless the Bucs want to surprise everyone as much as they did with the Raheem Morris move three years ago.

Instead, it shows much respect people around the league have for Clements, and the Chiefs have the space for him to move up. Whether there’s any interest on either side is a complete guess.