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NFL Mock Draft: Missouri's Michael Egnew Could Land With Kansas City Chiefs

Draftek has their latest six round version of the 2012 NFL Mock Draft available this week and the site has the Kansas City Chiefs taking a developmental quarterback in the fourth round in Florida State's E.J. Manuel. While that sounds nice, the reality is that E.J. Manuel is not available this year, so that's an impossibility. Moving on to alternate picks, however, they mention another name that should sound very familiar in Missouri's Michael Egnew at tight end.

Egnew would be a perfect pick for the Chiefs in the fourth round and likely a home run pick to most Kansas City Chiefs fans for a number of reasons. Having a local product to follow in the NFL is always a fun exercise, but more importantly, Egnew would give the Chiefs another offensive weapon at a position of need. Tony Moeaki had a great rookie season last year for the Chiefs, but the Iowa product has a problem staying healthy and he was lost for the season early last year.

Egnew is not just insurance, however, but he's also one of the best receiving tight end options in the draft. Don't forget that Aaron Hernandez from Florida fell to the fourth round before the Patriots picked him up. We all know how that move turned out. The two tight end attack would give the Chiefs another offensive look to go to and bolster the offense all around.