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Cam Cameron Becomes New Possibility For Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

The Kansas City Chiefs have been watching and waiting. At least that’s how it feels. For many Chiefs fans, the biggest question about their team right now has to do with the hole at offensive coordinator. Since Romeo Crennel was hired to lead the team as their new head coach, that places a significant emphasis on the offensive coordinator position to be the man to lead the Chiefs with dynamic playmakers like Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe. But so far, nothing much of interest has come out of Arrowhead Drive.

Usually that silence means that the man that they want is still involved with another club. Scott Pioli did this the last time around to get his man Todd Haley from the Arizona Cardinals, who were playing in that year’s Super Bowl in 2009 (for the 2008 season). Fans of the Chiefs might be forced to wait again if Pioli is wanting to raid the Patriots or the Giants for his next OC.

However, if he is interested, two more teams now have been flushed out of the postseason and the Baltimore Ravens are reportedly not interested in bringing their offensive coordinator of the last four seasons back for yet another round. Cam Cameron is likely being let go by John Harbaugh and the longtime OC would know what it takes to run an offense after doing so for years in Baltimore and also with the San Diego Chargers.

Again, there is no report coming out of Arrowhead to confirm this in any way. At this point, the only thing any of us can do is guess who Pioli and Crennel have their eyes upon. But Cameron has been an impressive coordinator for some time around the NFL. Perhaps he’s the one we’ve been waiting for.