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Lawrence Tynes Heads Back To Super Bowl For Second Time With New York Giants

Another former Chief is getting his chance to make his mark at the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, yet he’s already done so in the NFC Championship game. The New York Giants can thank the steady leg of Lawrence Tynes, in part, for their journey back to the Super Bowl and the Giants’ kicker helped seal the win over the San Francisco Giants.

SkySports’ staff writes, “The New York Giants will head to Indianapolis in two weeks to face a New England Patriots side seeking vengeance for defeat four years ago, which saw their previously perfect season end without the biggest prize. And as on that occasion, the Giants owe their presence in the game’s showpiece to an overtime kick from Lawrence Tynes, the Scottish-born kicker now in his fifth season with the Big Blue.”

Tynes played for the Chiefs from 2004 to 2006 before joining the Giants. There he’s been at home with Tom Coughlin since the 2007 season and showing that he’s one of the steadiest kickers around, something he was not as known for in his earlier playing days. This season, Tynes hit 79.2 percent of field goals for the Giants.